The assignment was to capture the essence of traveling as authentically as possible. The night after meeting Christian, the art director, I had a flash. I thought of the voyage of this gentleman traveler, this wanderlust, something i had always dreamed of, something timeless and universal. I began to fill up my notebook with sketches and ideas, as I do at the beginning of every assignment. Here is a peek behind the curtain.


amazing musician

savage lands

living wild

stay tuned

in other news

early summer

a workshop to take you to the next level

the art of reportage

by yours truly

i did an interview on France Culture

for my latest book

i am quite happy with it

give it a listen here

In the news

A Happy New Year to All

if you missed my latest film on christmas

Himalayan Gold Rush

then catch it <in france> later this month

its got a few people talking 

3 reportages

2 films

a book

it was a good year

lets keep the pace for 2012

re looked the website

got all that social media

maybe this is the year i give my first workshop

stay tuned

New Look for the New Year

laying back after a long year

reflecting on the way it all played out

tweaking and tuning for the year to come

my website has been updated and given some shine

but up some new trailers

some new pics

check it out

after 2 years on the trail

chasing the adventure

fruit are bared

stay tuned for the films to follow

My latest Film

Himalayan Gold Rush

is being screened on the Champs Elysee

next monday, Dec 12

i am giving away two tickets

to the first person to name my first book

reply below