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my latest collaboration with yann arthus bertrand

on his continuing series on the environment Vu Du Ciel

This episode is in Gabon is called «Héros de la nature»

about a series of characters working to save the environment

here is a review in Le Parisien

here are some highlights


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My new book just came out in France

about my photography, films and roamings

its the inside story of my most well known reportages

a few technical tips

but mainly it is

how to find and approach your subject then distribute the work

it talks about the relationships i developed with all my main characters

as well as my publishers, assistants and producers

get it at your local book store here in France

if you are not in France

but must have it

let me know

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me on working for hermes

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my work for hermes

then ripples through the blog-o-sphere

black book


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i am not sure if this is in vanity fair

as in the magazine

or on vanity fair

as in the website

or maybe both

but it’s something

and here it is @@@@

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