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i did an interview on France Culture

for my latest book

i am quite happy with it

give it a listen here


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A Happy New Year to All

if you missed my latest film on christmas

Himalayan Gold Rush

then catch it <in france> later this month

its got a few people talking 

3 reportages

2 films

a book

it was a good year

lets keep the pace for 2012

re looked the website

got all that social media

maybe this is the year i give my first workshop

stay tuned

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since the my last book “Derriere L’Objectif” came out
several people have been asking me if i could do workshops on the different aspects of photography
from composition and framing,  to finding, building and shooting a story…
i have done this kind of workshop before in Santa Fe with David Allen Harvey and in Washington DC at the National Geographic Society
i have never done it in France but many people say that Paris is a great place for this type of thing

what do you guys think about it?


depuis la sortie de mon dernier livre  “Derrriere L’objectif”
plusieurs personnes m’ont demandé si je pouvais faire des ateliers sur les différents aspects de la photographie:

de la composition et du cadrage, à la conception d’un reportage, la preparation, les rapports avec les personages ….

J’ai fait ce type d’atelier avant à Santa Fe avec David Allen Harvey et à Washington DC à la National Geographic Society

Je ne l’ai jamais fait en France mais beaucoup de gens disent que Paris est un endroit idéal pour ce genre du chose.

Qu’en pensez vous?


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a review of my new book in everyone’s favorite free magazine that you pick up off the floor of the paris metro

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my latest collaboration with yann arthus bertrand

on his continuing series on the environment Vu Du Ciel

This episode is in Gabon is called «Héros de la nature»

about a series of characters working to save the environment

here is a review in Le Parisien

here are some highlights

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