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amazing musician

savage lands

living wild

stay tuned

in other news

early summer

a workshop to take you to the next level

the art of reportage

by yours truly


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i did an interview on France Culture

for my latest book

i am quite happy with it

give it a listen here

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A Happy New Year to All

if you missed my latest film on christmas

Himalayan Gold Rush

then catch it <in france> later this month

its got a few people talkingĀ 

3 reportages

2 films

a book

it was a good year

lets keep the pace for 2012

re looked the website

got all that social media

maybe this is the year i give my first workshop

stay tuned

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after 2 years on the trail

chasing the adventure

fruit are bared

stay tuned for the films to follow

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here is an old clip

you can buy the book here

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working on a new project

on buddhism with writer

glenn mullin


men on the mission


hesitation in the devils door

-7th dali lama

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a review of my new book in everyone’s favorite free magazine that you pick up off the floor of the paris metro

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